It is very admiral and endearing to see from the various responses that Acorn Taxis can and does provide a good service!  It is unfortunate we have not been privileged to this.  Mostly things like this are a one-off occurrence and lightning never strikes twice!  It was a mistake to contact Acorn Taxis a third time on Christmas Day as we had already decided never to use Acorn again because of past issues.

The person who took the call on Christmas Day 2018 stated he owned Acorn Taxis and if we had a complaint invited us to go ahead as he would look forward to reading it!!

Based on our initial issue with Acorn some 2 years prior (April 2017) and never receiving a response from Acorn’s Director, Zhaheed Younis, quite frankly we had dismissed the issue and moved on; as we did the second unfortunate experience at the Ropers Arms (Summer 2018); but to be dealt a third issue – is unacceptable.

Whilst there may be many good news stories from Acorn’s taxi drivers regarding Acorn and its service, our issue has not been with Acorn drivers as our bookings have never progressed that far, (apart from the first occasion which took almost 2 hours), but seemingly with Acorn’s operators who appear to act as ‘gatekeepers’, on ‘who’ and ‘who is not’ worthy of a taxi!  Clearly, our experiences have been an unbelievable nightmare.

To all the ‘Fake Newsbees’ and ‘Doubting Thomas’, I shall publish evidence tomorrow.