Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; for an all-inclusive resort, we were shocked when discovering we were being charged for basic house wine with our evening meal.  The same wine which is available FOC all day long (champagne and special wines are chargeable).  Despite pointing this out to Reception/billing, it still appeared on our final bill, together with a bottle of Tequila which appeared in our room ‘mini-bar’.  Quite frankly you couldn’t make the next bit up, if you tried!!!! …………………..

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states the bottle of Tequila was apparently FOC and had been confused with the ‘Tequila Restaurant’ (or so we were told!).  Whilst the wine should not have been charged in the first place, the charges for the wine were eventually refunded, which took 4 hours to sort out on the morning we were leaving!!!  This ridiculous nightmare just gets better, two weeks later!!! …………

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states this should have been a very enjoyable holiday, if it were not for the continual daily torment of having to report and complain about fundamental basics, which this resort clearly has difficulty with.  I believe ‘Butlins’ could have done a better job!