Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; during a recent holiday to Benidorm we were intrigued to visit the ‘old town’ after experiencing the drunken hysteria on our first night in the ‘new town’.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire was very surprised when; we unfortunately chose the Italian Restaurant, ‘Pizzeria Avanti’ which in our opinion lacked attention to detail, delivered sloppy service and when complaining, in a civilised manner I hasten to add, suddenly no-one spoke English! Yet they were able to take our order including our money (in English!)

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reported; Take note! We found not everything advertised on the menu is always available which was the first issue. Cannelloni replaced Lasagne!……………… not quite the same!!!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire was saddened when; we asked for parmesan cheese which arrived halfway through the meal but the container was empty. Perhaps better if it were ‘placed’ on the table by the waiter rather than ‘thrown’ at the table!!!! After finally catching up with the waiter to explain that the parmesan cheese container was empty, there was a further waiting time before it was refilled!!, by which time we were almost at the end of our meal. Halfway through the meal we ordered an additional bottle of water which never arrived.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; by 9.00pm there was a queue forming in the narrow street outside the restaurant waiting to be seated at which point the service clearly deteriorated even further. This is not a place to sit back and enjoy your food over a prolonged bottle of wine. We felt very uncomfortable with all the rushing around by the waiters and the poor sloppy service we were experiencing. At this point we had suffered enough indignancy, yet to try and complain is impossible as both the owner and the staff suddenly suffer from amnesia and are unable to communicate in English!!!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire again reports; ironically, we were told by our waiter at the beginning of the meal (before they became busy) that this restaurant is very popular in Benidorm and the owner now has 9 other establishments! Yes! I can well believe this – as this would explain a lot!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; our experience at this restaurant was atrocious; clearly the owner is profiteering on limited staffing at the cost of customer service.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states beware; there are better places in Benidorm with far nicer ambience, customer service and attentiveness. This was our experience; you may have a better experience.