Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; Lamin Lodge is a typical Gambian tranquil river inlet on the side of the ‘River Gambia’. It is run as a co-operative amongst the local Gambians from Lamin Village who farm for oysters which they sell to the local markets and then process the oyster shells for fertiliser, cement and also paint.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire points out; there is also a restaurant and a small bar which is of typical Gambian standard. You are also able to hire boats along with someone who will paddle the boat and act as a tourist guide. Or you can hire a motor boat to visit the various islands, which is more expensive.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire warns; unfortunately, apart from our guided tour by the Co-operative Manager, our excursion ended abruptly when we discovered we were in fact being ‘scammed’ by the Tour Operator on what should have been an all-inclusive day only to find when we arrived that we had to pay extra for the hire of a boat.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire identifies that; we later found this to be a typical Gambian ‘scam’ with local Independent Tour Operators who conduct their business from the beachfronts and local bars. Beware; they show you pictures of the locations, testimonials from previous tourists of recommendations (no doubt fabricated) to entice you in gaining their trust. When you arrive at the various excursions and find you are being charged extra, at which point the Tour Guide does a disappearing act and is nowhere to be seen!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire state; being seasoned travellers we are aware of these activities and had not paid upfront. The little we saw of Lamin Lodge, as you will see from the photographs, show it is a beautiful Gambian attraction to visit and I am sure the one or two hour boat trips they offer are well worth it.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; the Manager of Lamin Lodge was so upset with our Tour Operator and what had happened he offered us a boat trip at cost, which we appreciated. We decided not to continue with the remaining excursions and returned to our hotel but not before exchanging extremely harsh words with the reappearance of our Tour Guide.