Crazy Irish!! Lithuanian Style!!!

How lucky was Raymond Singleton-McGuire; must be the Luck of the Irish; an Irish bar in the middle of Klaipeda, Lithuania – who would have thought it!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states:-

Having already checked out the area and found the Irish Nese Bar some two days prior, it seemed like the ideal watering hole after a night at the Opera. After piling in; ‘dressed to the nines’ the locals must have thought we were well over-dressed (or the Martians had landed!)

Raymond Singleton-McGuire, being of Irish descent it didn’t take long to liven the place up, with the Guinness flowing and the people at the adjoining tables joining in with our silly dancing, we somehow turned what was perhaps an average Saturday evening into a crazy party evening – even the Barman joined in!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire claims a little bit of silliness never went amiss and everybody who wanted to wear my trilby hat, had to perform a dance!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire noticed on Trip Advisor that the ‘Irish Nese’ pub has got mixed reviews but I do believe the entertainment and enjoyment of a place is what you make it.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports we are planning 3 more trips back to Lithuania this year and we will certainly be planning a return visit.