Raymond Singleton-McGuire has already made contact with locals about not using local taxi firm ACORN!!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire’s reported an incident experienced with Acorn Taxis after his Partner had a dangerous and unacceptable encounter with Acorn Taxis leaving her waiting on the streets for over 2 hours in the early hours of the morning, despite repeated phone calls.

No apology from the owner, Mr Zhahed Younis was forthcoming after receiving repeated promises of an investigation both to Mr Singleton-McGuire and Boston Borough Council (the Licensing Authority. Mr Singleton-McGuire, (a local property owner in Boston) blogged about Mr Younis’ atrocious behaviour regarding his company, Acorn Taxis, and subsequently Mr Singleton-McGuire has banned Acorn Taxis from using his car parks, driveways to his various properties and private roadway which he owns in the town.  He also welcomes further calls and interest from the public regarding this matter.