Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports on the Animation/Entertainment; as others have advised on Trip Advisor, the entertainment is very poor and sometimes we found non-existent. We discovered they sometimes mistakenly advertised a different start time to the actual start time. Additionally, not all information boards display start times of the shows. The weekly information board in the Luna reception not only fails to display the start times but don’t even state the location of the shows. We found only one board displaying the correct start times and that was outside the theatre itself. In fact, we found the entertainment side at the resort extremely confusing and poor, e.g., one evening’s entertainment was moved to the main hotel reception without notification; another evening was cancelled without notification and we found the staff, including one of the entertainment staff, less than helpful with regard to start times which vary from 8.00pm – 9.30pm dependent on who we asked! All of this perhaps went some way to explain why the shows are not very well attended by comparison with other resorts where we have stayed previously. The rifle shooting range is a bit ‘hit and miss’; we were told it started at 10.30am everyday; out of the two week holiday I managed to find someone operating it just once and then he was 15 minutes late! Whilst there is still plenty to do at the resort, the entertainment could benefit from better timekeeping and improved information.