Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; BEWARE!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; beware, don’t bother using the lock-up room for your luggage, as when you come to collect it the chances are that it will be missing! We spent 20 minutes in sheer panic looking for our luggage, trying to enlist help from the various staff members. The first person was the ‘bell-boy’ who had put the luggage in the lock-up room in the first place, then two Reception girls and a ‘welcome to the hotel’ member who was situated next to the lock-up room, but all were clueless and did nothing to help us find our missing bags.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; as a last resort, 5 minutes before the coach was due to leave for airport I tried to enlist the help of the General Manager and got the Reception Manager who told me he had placed our luggage in the lobby area ready for us to collect 15 minutes before we were due to depart! After a few choice words, trying to explain how stupid and irresponsible this was, and perhaps it would have made common-sense to inform his staff, not to mention us, his customers, and in future, for the benefit of security, it might be a far more sensible managerial decision to leave customers’ luggage in light of security, in the lock-up room which is what it is designed for!, rather than in a lobby area with approximately 100 people all arriving and leaving at the same time.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; one final thing ….. if they tell you that the bus is departing at 7.00pm, it will be at least 30-40 minutes late, not once was the bus on time, not even for our final departure to the airport, which was lucky for us having just lost our luggage!