Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; DISAPPOINTING!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; beware – of the chrome safety handrails leading up the steps to Reception where I sliced my fingers in three separate places on the poor workmanship of the rough metalwork.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; when I brought this to the attention of the staff at reception they directed me to the bar even though my hand was now dripping with blood. I later managed to find a roll of sellotape to cover all of the sharp metal areas on the handrail, which encapsulated my own dried blood on the handrail from the accident earlier thinking it would be cleaned and repaired the next day, as a priority. That evening I also informed security.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; the following morning nothing had been done so I informed the Duty Manager. The following day I informed the Hotel Manager. Four days later on leaving the hotel, the tape and my blood were still on the handrail and nothing had been done! (see photo).