Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; Brilliant Show – Average Food!!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; this Theatre Company has won numerous Trip Advisor ‘Certificates of Excellence’.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; the two hour show whilst dining is brilliant.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; disappointingly, having been a patron of the local venue where the show was performing we were disappointed with our meal.  Whilst we are regular customers at the Petwood Hotel in Lincolnshire, we have always been happy with the high standard of both presentation and preparation where their food is concerned.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; unfortunately, unsure if this was a ‘one-off’, but we remain disappointed as we felt the food was not up to the usual standard.  Whilst realising they were dealing with a large number of people at the same time, we have been on other events of a similar magnitude and by comparison the food has been far superior.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; hopefully, this was a ‘one-off issue and in no way should reflect on the excellent 2½ hour show, or indeed our future visits to the Petwood Hotel.