Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; Where Do I Start?!! Not Recommendable!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; from our experience, we are unable to give this place a good recommendation.
Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; disappointingly, we chose the wrong evening when a basketball match was being broadcast on their TV screens (surely, this should have rang alarm bells!). After spending almost 10 minutes trying to select a table in order to get away from the pounding volume of the basketball game, we discovered that there were speakers in every part of the restaurant, which made it uncomfortable to have a normal conversation, quite simply the volume was too overpowering.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; realising we had made a mistake in the choice of our venue, we were pushed for time and decided to persevere ordering simple pizzas to avoid any further delays only to be told that there would be a wait of at least a half an hour!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire stated; whilst now faced with a dilemma of trying to find an alternative venue or persevere! Again we got it wrong! The pizzas were like something we had never tasted before. The base of the pizza was nothing to write home about; dry and very hard to cut. There was a lack of tomato sauce and the toppings did not excite your taste buds. The décor, seating and tables are very basic.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire sends message to all; I desperately recommend that you avoid this place like the plague and save your money for another venue.