Raymond Singleton-McGuire feels Scottish Power has slightly missed the point and responded to that effect:-

Dear Ms Chatterjee

Thank you for your prompt reply in response to my concern dated 12th April 2018. Out of courtesy I have taken the time to respond further.

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire reinforces his argument:-

I reiterate that the debaucherous level of service is not wholly representative of Scottish Power and whilst it is bad enough to receive such an appalling level of service, it is quite disturbing to receive the same level of rudeness a second time. I am still seriously concerned over Scottish Power’s representative’s display of rude behaviour, therefore I have already taken steps and instructed my office to cancel the remaining contracts we have with Scottish Power and seek alternative providers.

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire readdresses the issue:-

I am confused with your request to send you our “query regarding the change of supply” which presumably refers to the telephone conversations in question. We in fact do not have any queries with regard to the change of supply; as in fact, it was yourselves (ref; Ross) who contacted us in the first instance, which in actual fact somewhat endorses our dismay when he put the phone down on my PA, twice! We can only assume the nature of Ross’s telephone calls was due to our pending switchover to another provider, (as we have already indicated). However, we are unable to comment further in assisting you as to the contents of any possible conversation, as the conversation was terminated when the telephone was put down on us on both occasions, by your representative.

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire signs off:-

I feel there is little point in responding further as I would not wish to become involved in a protracted situation. Whilst I have taken steps to isolate any recurring situation with Scottish Power, I only hope this matter is addressed by Scottish Power internally, if only for peace of mind this behaviour is not replicated with your remaining customers.

R B Singleton-McGuire