A Unique Experience In The Middle Of Nowhere!!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports:-

A Winter paradise in the back of beyond! Whilst enjoying a brief stop for a refreshing beer and some wholesome food, he discovered the restaurant is attached to what could only be described as a ‘labyrinth’; small cottages, apartments, lake, boating and a massive hillside miniature town which no doubt in the summer is a children’s paradise.

Mr Singleton-McGuire’s visit was in January in the depth of Winter and nothing but snow and even the adjoining reservoir was iced over. Clearly, the place is worth a second visit should we decide on a return visit to Lithuania.

As a big plus, Mr Singleton-McGuire’s meal and drinks combined, was approximately half the price he paid for the same, in the nearby city of Klaipeda the previous day. The restaurant also caters for live entertainment at the weekends.

Mr Singleton-McGuire recommends visiting the Baltic Sea region of Lithuania, he can highly recommend Vienkiemis as a one-stop point of location; especially if you have children as they will love it!