Simply Staggering And Soaked In History!!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports:-

A palace of the once rich and famous aristocracy of Lithuania; the encapsulating glass Orangery provides for a mini rain forest – amazing!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports:-

Whilst the building is a popular venue for weddings, with its own private Civil Wedding Licence, it also offers restaurant facilities surrounding an almost tropical encrusted rock-face rain forest – this can only be described as the largest Orangery I have ever seen!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire further reports:-

Besides the natural Orangery/Rain Forest features, the building is steeped in ancient aristocratic history of the rich and famous belonging to the same family for centuries.

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire states anyone visiting the area in Lithuania close to the Baltic coast this has to be at the top of your list for at least one day out, enjoying either afternoon tea or a meal whilst visiting the Orangery and the grounds.