Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports for those travelling with Thomas Cook, the representative is not available until Day 2 for the introductory meeting. She only attends the hotel for a further two or three days, for short periods and then does not attend the hotel for a further four days until transfer back to the airport.  Raymond Singleton-McGuire tried to text her on the number displayed on the Thomas Cook information board to try and book an excursion and received a reply back from a ‘virtual SMS’ Call Centre, based in the UK, stating that all Thomas Cook excursions require 48 hours notice (that is 4 days after arrival, if you book via your Rep on Day 2!)

Don’t worry, there are copious amounts of Tour Operators, both at the hotel and also on the beach, but be careful as prices do vary and if you book a private guided tour, you will find you may end up having to buy the Tour Guide’s drinks when you stop for refreshment, and perhaps even pay for his meal, when he joins you in his recommended choice of restaurant for lunch.