Raymond Singleton-McGuire slams Acorn Taxis for Leaving Single Woman On The Street In The Early Hours Of The Morning (for 2 hours) !!!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire’s investigative attempts for rectification from Acorn Taxis owner; Mr Zhahed Younis have all been ignored.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports his Partner, first contacted Acorn Taxis at 1.19 am and again at 01.41am having been told a taxi was “on its way”.  After waiting on the street for almost 15 minutes she returned to the property and called a further 16 times between 1.58am and 2.29am.  The phone was repeatedly put down by ‘Taxi Driver 71’ – ‘Boston Borough Council Licence No. 150’ who was acting as that evening’s Acorn’s mobile message taking service whilst driving his own taxi Reg; MK14 BVH for Acorn.

Mr Zhahed Younis left Mr Singleton-McGuire no alternative but to take this matter to Boston Borough Council’s local Licensing Department.  Promises to the Council by Mr Younis to contact Mr Singleton-McGuire failed to materialise.

Mr Singleton-McGuire states; “an owner of a Boston taxi company who allows its employees to ride ‘rough-shot’ over its customers, on this occasion a single lady waiting out in the cold street in the early morning, for almost 2 hours, is nothing more than atrocious and irresponsible”.   As a Bostonian, I would like to think that these charlatans should be exposed if they are unable to offer a respectful service to the local Bostonian community.

Mr Singleton-McGuire has submitted a complaint to Boston Borough Council which he understands will be registered against ‘Taxi Driver 71’ when he re-applies for his taxi license, specifically, ‘BBC No. 150’ as well as the Taxi Licensing Section Driver & Vehicle Agency (PTLD).

Whilst this maybe a few years, before ‘Taxi Driver 71’ re-applies at least justice will be dealt with eventually.  In the meantime, Mr Singleton-McGuire states; “all single women BEWARE of Acorn Taxis and perhaps use a more reputable and reliable company”.