Raymond Singleton-McGuire’s wife is a regular user of taxis and decided to use Acorn Taxis for the first time on 12th April 2017 at 01:19 am and they failed to collect leaving  her stranded in the freezing cold (remember we had snow in April 2017!).  After a total of 19 calls (including Acorn astonishingly putting the phone down on Raymond Singleton-McGuire’s wife on a couple of occasions) and an abundance of excuses why they had not picked her up, they finally condescended to pick her up, an hour and a half later at 2.30 am! – Disgraceful.

Unfortunately, on a second occasion, Raymond Singleton-McGuire decided to contact Acorn Taxis around 12.30 am after a family meal at The Ropers Arms, Horncastle Road, Boston. They refused to collect them stating the journey to Spilsby Road was not long enough for them to issue a taxi and told Raymond Singleton-McGuire that we could walk it! Again, unbelievable behaviour.

The third time Acorn Taxis was contacted by Raymond Singleton-McGuire was on Christmas Day 2018 when, after a family dinner party we required a taxi for one of his guests.  After being accused of shouting!, and again having the phone put down on them!; they finally agreed to send a taxi after his wife called back to complain, only to be sent a text a few minutes later to say they had withdrawn the taxi!  What a shambolic bunch!  They don’t deserve Boston’s business if this is how customers get treated.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire was clearly taken aback at such disgraceful behaviour from a basic fundamental request to a taxi company.  Acorn Taxis in Boston clearly have a customer service/relations issue and if Raymond Singleton-McGuire’s experiences are typical of others then he doubts Acorn Taxis will be around much longer. Raymond Singleton-McGuire can only advise – ‘Avoid Like The Plague’!