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Good …. Bad!!! But Mainly Good!!

First impression on arrival Raymond Singleton-McGuire agreed the Crioula Resort Hotel could benefit from a re-paint/re-furb.

10/10 for the check-in! Must have been the quickest check-in Raymond Singleton-McGuire has ever experienced! Raymond Singleton-McGuire was very lucky to be given ‘Bungalow 657’; frontline overlooking the beach and sea with a small patio surrounded by citrus plants, bushes and flowers.

After experiencing an accident with the bungalow’s plumbing, Raymond Singleton-McGuire received immediate attention and was offered alternative accommodation. As Raymond Singleton-McGuire clearly had the best location within the resort, Raymond Singleton-McGuire declined a change of accommodation and was given a bottle of champagne by the Manager herself, for any inconvenience; another 10/10.