Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports on; BOLSOVER CASTLE

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; Almost Be a Fairytale Castle!!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; Bolsover Castle perched high on a Derbyshire hillside would impress any attacking army in days gone by!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; today, it could be the typical storybook castle full of entertainment for children offering many activities. A continuous St George’s day show provided maximum involvement on a beautiful sunny April day. Our intended half an hour visit turned into 3 hours of both culture and entertainment.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; try to visit on an event day promoted by English Heritage, (as you will see from the photos), it is a great place for families with children, picnics in the grounds and dare I say, it would make a great wedding venue!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; it costs just over £10.00 entry for each adult and I can well recommend this is value for money.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports on; THE PILLAR OF ROCK, Bolsover

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; Excellent Value For Money!!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports that; The Pillar of Rock is a Wetherspoons bar situated just outside the entrance to one of the top acclaimed English Heritage venues; Bolsover Castle!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states that; this was our very first venture into a Wetherspoons establishment and I can certainly confirm that Wetherspoons provide value for money. We ordered two enormous American style deli-burgers with chips which included a free drink (yes, a pint of Guinness!!) for a total of only £13.00! It was truly welcomed after a 3 hour expedition trekking around Bolsover Castle situated next-door.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; the bar was clean and tidy with outside tables, staff reasonably friendly although I believe by the time we arrived they were suffering from the effects of an extremely busy day!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; I can well recommend the ‘Pillar of Rock’ for a drink and a bite to eat at a reasonable price compared to the drinks and food available within the Castle grounds.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports on; CHAIN BRIDGE, Boston

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; How Confusing Can It Be To Get A Table & Order Food (Or Drinks!!!)

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; our recent experience at the new Marston’s ‘Chain Bridge’ Bar and Restaurant has proved to be confusing and chaotic.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; after an astonishingly 15 minute wait at our table and a further 10 minute wait at the bar (with only two other customers in front of me), I enquired about ordering food and drinks. I was then told the table we had sat at is not a ‘food eating table’ despite all the tables having menus and various marketing paraphernalia enticing the customer to order, as well as adjoining tables with customers who had since arrived after us were receiving waitress service! At this point, I question the point of having menus on all of the tables, if in fact they are not for serving food?!! We were told to ‘report’ to the lady at the entrance doorway who had to seat us first, before we could order food!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; the pursuing confusion and mayhem being created by the lady at the ‘rostrum’ located in a narrow doorway, was nothing more than a bottleneck, with customers trying to get in, whilst others were trying to get out! (I would have thought this would pose a safety and fire risk issue!) Whilst trying to ‘report’ to the lady at the ‘rostrum’ (as if in the military), at the same time as being jostled around by customers coming and going, were told we had a wait of “40 minutes!”

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; the lady at the ‘rostrum’ was clearly under pressure multi-tasking in simultaneous conversations. We decided to retreat from fighting for more detailed information and called it a day to find another venue! On leaving we counted only 21 people in the restaurant with 3 large tables completely empty!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; we later looked up the ‘Chain Bridge’ on Trip Advisor and found our 25 minute chaotic experience was nothing, compared to the numerous other bad reports which were listed. Clearly, we had a lucky escape!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports on; NEWARK CASTLE, Newark

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; A Castle With A Licence To Print Money!!!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; the Bishop of Lincoln was granted permission by King Henry in 1135 to build Newark Castle originally out of timber and later rebuilt, out of stone with the added benefit of also being a Mint!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; it sits comfortably on the side of the River Trent only a stone’s throw from the historic narrow and beautiful streets of Newark Town Centre.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; unfortunately, the Castle was destroyed around 1648 after the English Civil War but restored in the 19th Century before it was taken over or purchased by the Corporation of Newark towards the end of the 1800s. It received further renovation but as you can see from the photographs, never to its original former glory.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; whilst it is a Grade I listed building, the better and more substantial views can be obtained from standing on the opposite bank of the River Trent. Newark has a number of historic and worthwhile events during the course of the year, with ample coffee shops, restaurants and eateries, including two very well known pizza houses next to the River Trent and adjacent to the Castle.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports on; THE BALL HOUSE, Boston

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; A Good Night Was Captured By All!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; over 22 people attended a works leaving party at The Ball House, Wainfleet Road, Boston. The food was excellent and everyone had a great time with everyone arriving about 08h45 and then onward to Boston for the remainder of the evening after the party meal had finished.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports; The Ball House is an idyllic location for that special party and attention to detail by the host; Sharon and her husband, Matt (chef). Prices are very reasonable and the attention to detail is second to none.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire highly recommends this establishment, both for a quiet afternoon snack through to a lunchtime meal or a Sunday carvery. Plenty of car parking with easy access for disabled guests.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire comments on THE SHIP INN – Surfleet

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; What An Unexpected Gem!! Could have been in the Norfolk Broads!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; Lovely location; warm, welcoming and a friendly greeting.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire comments; Sunday Lunch is currently served at the tables in the Ground Floor Bar area which can be a little noisy until around 2.00pm when the ambience is a little quieter. We received lots of attention throughout our meal whilst the food was hot and tasty and very well presented.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; there is a restaurant area on the First Floor, but this was not open on the day we visited.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; the surrounding iridescent waterways, marina and wildlife set The Ship Inn’s location leagues apart from other establishments in the area. A nice welcomed and refreshing walk after the meal along the banks passing the lock gates to the ‘clapperboard’ riverside chalets was very enjoyable. Everyone you pass whilst walking, appears friendly and says hello!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; it is a remarkable location for an enjoyable meal situated only a few minutes from either Spalding or Boston in Lincolnshire.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; whilst the younger serving staff members could have done with a little extra guidance and training, everyone was really helpful and I can highly recommend The Ship Inn.