About Raymond


Raymond Singleton-McGuire is Boston (Fishtoft) born and bred. His interests are everything that occurs to him on a day to day basis. Raymond also takes an interest in world politics and his business accruements. In his spare time he enjoys vintage cars and aeroplanes to which Raymond is a qualified aerobatic pilot and trained to Boeing 737-300 standards.

He began as a Graphic Designer. This shortly led to the formulation of his first business which was involved in advertising and publicity. The company was based in London yet reached out to places in Europe through to the Middle-East, and later into North America. Raymond began SMG Property Co. in 1976 which became Lincolnshire’s largest private sector landlord by 2003. By 2004 he had acquired his most prestigious commercial property investment in the heart of London’s Mayfair, Berkeley Square. SMG Development Company started in 1987, and in 2005 Raymond was awarded the ‘Daily Mail’s Developer of the Year Award’.

Nowadays, Raymond operates a number of companies ranging from Management, Land, Mineral Rights through to Residential and Commercial Property Investment; Also Aviation Chartering and Wedding Car Hire.

In addition, Raymond has acquired a deep level of experience within politics prior to becoming a County Councillor in Lincolnshire. He entered politics as a Parish Councillor for Fishtoft Parish Council. From there, Raymond went on, to be Chairman and Leader of the Boston Conservative Party after spearheading and winning the first ever Conservative control of Boston Borough Council. He then continued as, Deputy Leader & Finance Portfolio Holder of Boston Borough Council after stepping down as the Leader, to put his efforts into getting the finances of Boston Borough Council back on track. He finally succeeded in obtaining a seat through the then 2009 local elections at Lincolnshire County Council representing Highways & Education.

Moreover, Raymond commanded seats on around 21 committees, including Chairmanships of Fishtoft Parish Council & Governance Committees including, School Governor and Leader of the Boston Conservative Party, Board Member for the local Black Sluice Drainage Board, Citizens Advice Management, just to name a few and not to mention contributing to a number of local charities.

With these experiences comes a level of skills which Raymond has developed. He considers himself to have good management, communicational, organisational and methodological skills.