Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports:- A Paradise Setting Next to the Sea!!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire states; we originally looked at the Odjo D’Agua Hotel but were mistakenly informed by, Thomas Cook that it is not open until June 2018 (maybe this is when they start taking bookings!). After settling for alternative accommodation, we visited the Odjo D’Auga Hotel only to find they are open all year round!!

Raymond Singleton-McGuire found it to be an idyllic setting, situated on a small rock peninsula overlooking the sea whilst being adjacent to the town centre of Santa Maria and only accessible by a beautifully tree-lined passageway.

We stopped by for a pleasant afternoon in the restaurant and to also explore what we had missed! The hotel is small but beautifully decorated, with panoramic views from the connecting bars and restaurant areas. We were told there is live entertainment in the restaurant, every evening. There was a small private enclosed pool encrusted with prominent palm trees and huge overhanging violet wall creeping flowers.

Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports I believe it is well-worth considering the Odjo D’Agua Hotel although they do not offer all-inclusive, they do in fact offer Full Board.

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire’s response to Scottish Powe)r (Ref; Bad Behaviour)

Raymond Singleton-McGuire feels Scottish Power has slightly missed the point and responded to that effect:-

Dear Ms Chatterjee

Thank you for your prompt reply in response to my concern dated 12th April 2018. Out of courtesy I have taken the time to respond further.

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire reinforces his argument:-

I reiterate that the debaucherous level of service is not wholly representative of Scottish Power and whilst it is bad enough to receive such an appalling level of service, it is quite disturbing to receive the same level of rudeness a second time. I am still seriously concerned over Scottish Power’s representative’s display of rude behaviour, therefore I have already taken steps and instructed my office to cancel the remaining contracts we have with Scottish Power and seek alternative providers.

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire readdresses the issue:-

I am confused with your request to send you our “query regarding the change of supply” which presumably refers to the telephone conversations in question. We in fact do not have any queries with regard to the change of supply; as in fact, it was yourselves (ref; Ross) who contacted us in the first instance, which in actual fact somewhat endorses our dismay when he put the phone down on my PA, twice! We can only assume the nature of Ross’s telephone calls was due to our pending switchover to another provider, (as we have already indicated). However, we are unable to comment further in assisting you as to the contents of any possible conversation, as the conversation was terminated when the telephone was put down on us on both occasions, by your representative.

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire signs off:-

I feel there is little point in responding further as I would not wish to become involved in a protracted situation. Whilst I have taken steps to isolate any recurring situation with Scottish Power, I only hope this matter is addressed by Scottish Power internally, if only for peace of mind this behaviour is not replicated with your remaining customers.

R B Singleton-McGuire

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire’s reply from Scottish Power (Ref; Bad Behaviour)

Dear Mr Singleton-McGuire,

Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding your energy account.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused regarding your issues with our customer service. I can assure you that we will take all the possible steps from our end to resolve your issue satisfactorily. I know you are not happy with the service of Scottish Power. But this is not the level of service we aim to provide our customer.

I am taking this as a feedback and will pass this to the management so that none of our customers ever receive this kind of behaviour from us. I would request you to send us your query regarding the change of supply for which you had a phone conversation so that we can help you with our best.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any other queries, you may also visit our website at www.scottishpower.co.uk alternatively you can contact us free on 0800 027 0072. We’re open from 8:00am to 10:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:30am to 6:00pm Saturday. If you are calling from abroad please telephone 00(+)44 141 652 4091.

Kind regards
Customer Services Representative
Scottish Power

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire’s letter on Scottish Power’s bad behaviour

Dear Sirs

I feel compelled to express my dissatisfaction as a customer regarding the conduct received from a staff member at Scottish Power.

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports:-

I received a call on 10th April 2018 at 12:17 from ‘Ross’ at Scottish Power Tel No; 0131 620 5767. The call was in regard to our consideration to switchover to another utility provider on one of the company’s properties. As the Managing Director of a property group having taken the call in the absence of my PA; I explained to Ross that the purpose behind his call to me is not something I personally get involved with; in fact, whilst not having a comprehensive knowledge of which providers supply which properties, at this point in time I was also unaware of any changes in providers and that he should in fact speak to my PA, who deals my company’s utility providers. Once I had explained this to Ross and handed the phone over to my PA, who at which point had just returned to the office, he apparently hung-up on her!

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire reports further:-

Notwithstanding the above incident and unbeknown to myself, I was then informed that Ross had tried to contact me the day before; whilst my PA explained to him that I was neither available or in the office, yet as her name is on all of the accounts and deals with such matters on behalf of the company as the authorised decision maker, at which point he put the phone down on her.

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire is made aware of bad behaviour:-

Having now been made aware of this atrocious and rude behaviour by a member of your staff at Scottish Power, it is without any accreditation to yourselves and undoubtedly it is my opinion that even if we were contemplating remaining with Scottish Power then with the very best will in the world, I question after such rudeness and poor behaviour, why would any customer wish to remain with Scottish Power?

Mr Raymond Singleton-McGuire cannot justify bad behaviour:-

Based on the aforementioned, I find it unacceptable to be exposed to such behaviour and whilst I hasten to add that the two incidents are perhaps not wholly representative of Scottish Power, I have taken a personal involvement to ascertain which properties are supplied by Scottish Power, to the extent I believe it is preferable and justifiable to use an alternative provider than yourselves to lessen the expectation of such bad behaviour in the future.

R B Singleton-McGuire